AJ McLean And His Wife Rochelle McLean’s Relationship Timeline

AJ McLean And His Wife Rochelle McLean

Putting one another’s needs first. Even after their brief separation, AJ McLean and Rochelle McLean (née Karadis) continued to prioritize their marriage.

Although they first met in 2008, their relationship didn’t fully develop until five years later. Rochelle was working as a waitress at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood when the “As Long As You Love Me” artist first asked her out.

“She asked her manager who I was after I asked her out. Dinner and a movie were supposed to be our first date’s plans. On the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast in August 2022, he recalled, “And I worked late in the studio the night before. “Therefore, I suggested that you simply visit the house. Additionally, we’ll order takeout and watch a movie.

AJ explained that Rochelle ghosted him because she didn’t know who he was at the time. But when the “Everybody” performer asked her out again a year later, she said yes.

On the model’s birthday in January 2010, the singer of “The Call” got down on one knee and proposed. Nearly two years later, in a ceremony with a gothic theme and AJ’s fellow Backstreet Boys members in attendance, the couple exchanged vows.

2012 saw AJ and Rochelle become parents for the first time after a year of marriage when their daughter Elliott was born. After five years, Lyric, Elliott’s younger sister, joined the trio of parents and children in 2017.

The BSB superstar joined the Dancing With the Stars cast in 2020. He spoke openly about his relationship with Rochelle and how she had supported him during his darkest hours while taking part in the competition series.

The “Shape of My Heart” singer, who has been open about his battles with substance abuse issues, said in an exclusive blog post for Us Weekly at the time, “As I said on the show, she’s my superhero. “She has been by my side through the worst and back. She would be deserving of every award if there were one for everything she does on a daily basis. The greatest reward I receive from her every day is simply her affirmation of my love. No matter what, she is constantly there for me. She is very encouraging. She listens very well. We often talk for hours on end, sometimes well into the morning.

The “I Want it That Way” singer gushed in the song about how fortunate he is to have a wonderful wife and how wonderful she is with their two children.

“My wife means everything to me. She’s been here still with me to this day despite all the bad things I’ve done in my life that have hurt people, especially her,” he continued. “She’s always seen the good in me and looked past all the bad things I did when I was drinking and using drugs, as difficult as it may be to do so. However, today is the best day ever, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

After more than ten years of marriage, the couple announced in March 2023 that they were going through a difficult time and had made the decision to “temporarily” separate.

Marriage is challenging but worthwhile. In an effort to strengthen our marriage and ourselves, we have mutually decided to temporarily separate,” AJ and Rochelle told Us in a joint statement at the time. “Our goal is to reconcile and strengthen our bond with our family and one another. At this time, we respectfully request your privacy. Separation is difficult enough without the commentary, so please be considerate and keep the kids in mind.

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