What You Should Do to Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

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A good way to declutter and freshen up as we (hopefully) say goodbye to winter is to do some spring cleaning. However, it can also be irritating, unpleasant, and cause allergies. Therefore, this year we’re concentrating our energy on something that needs a serious deep clean: our social media accounts, instead of (or in addition to) dusting off our dressers and cleaning behind our toilets.

The typical person will switch between their social channels for five years on average during their lifetime. There are a lot of memes, angry status updates, and selfies with lots of highlighter to skim through. Run a virtual Lysol wipe over your online persona this spring by making a few quick unfollows, deletions, hides, or blocks (if necessary).


One of the simpler social media platforms to purge is the one with a lot of visual content. If you’re an active user, you probably follow even more people than you follow (unless you’re so obsessed with your ratio that you can’t bear the thought of following even one more person than follows you). You probably hold a respectable number of followers. Therefore, it’s also likely true that you follow many people even though you don’t really want to or can’t recall the original reason you did. You feel weighed down by it! Get rid of the adaptable yogi who makes you feel inadequate. Choose one smoothie bowl account to follow, and unfollow the others. It liberates you!


Twitter is a great platform for concise ideas, facts, and jokes (seriously, comedians thrive in 140 characters or less). You can find interesting memes, world news, and celebrity updates there. Follow away, but perhaps steer clear of any Twitter fights in the future.


Facebook somehow has a more intimate feel to it. Your account is probably the oldest and has the most connections on this site. Additionally, compared to Instagram, each person feels a little more real thanks to the profile pictures and full first and last names. Facebook is the soiled clothes hamper of social media sites. And that might also imply that it’s the most volatile and in need of a thorough mopping. Here is where to start:

The Birthday Notification Tool

You get a notification every day listing all of your “friends” who are having birthdays. Instead, consider it a list of individuals who you rarely interact with and, in some cases, who you may not even recognize. Wish an HBD to the people you know and love while deleting the rest.

Remove Those Who Make Offensive Status Updates

Unsolicited and frequently unsupported opinions thrive on Facebook. These unrestrained thoughts are frequently disparaging in tone and awash in likes from people who have never traveled outside of your hometown. Anyone who makes you roll your eyes or mutter “um, what” out loud more than twice a week is acceptable to be deleted.

Edit Down Your Profile Photos

You might think about deleting the pictures in your defaults album if they are older than three to five years. Even though I thought your Halloween costume looked great, save it to your personal server, delete it, and move on. Also think about removing any dubious photos that perhaps shouldn’t have been published in the first place. To locate them, merely follow the trail of red Solo cups.

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